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Structural Alterations

Whether you want to install a bi-fold door, knock down walls to make your house open plan or reconfigure any living space, Baytree are experienced in all aspects of refurbishment involving structural alterations.

When planning any alterations to your property, you can be reassured by the knowledge that we offer a complete service from engaging the services of our structural engineer & obtaining drawings to ordering and installing any steel works for you.

We will assist you where and when you will need to obtain planning permission or building control approval. We have completed a number of projects involving large and small scale alterations.





Electrical functionality is generally something that is not in direct view to you on an everyday basis. However, the behind the scenes electrical work is what keeps your home functioning and safe.

Electrical work that is incorrectly installed or becomes damaged is a major safety issue for your home and your family.

Electrical issues can cause fires and shock hazards as well as can be an eyesore if not correctly stored behind the scenes of your home. If your project is part of a new and original building process, incorrect installation can cause delays in construction, failure of inspections, and a lot of extra money. We work with you on planning, and then carry out electrical installation to BS7671 Part “P” standard works. Certifying and guaranteeing all of our electrical installation work.




When it comes to correcting, creating, or overhauling your plumbing and heating you want to make sure that it is perfectly installed and reliable at all times. No one wants to look forward to a hot shower all day only to discover a trickle instead of full steam or a short limited amount of time you can get hot water.

We pride ourselves on providing top quality service for all of your plumbing and heating needs.




When choosing a carpentry company to work on your projects for your home you want to make sure they are both professional and reliable. Baytree has made sure for years that professionalism and reliability are cornerstones to our business.

Carpentry can cover a plethora of activities and items that are built. Baytree carpentry mainly includes designing and building built in furniture for your home, building and installing cabinetry, partition walls, and laying hardwood flooring.




Whether you want a single room or the whole house decorated we provide a complete “one stop” service with our own painters and decorators. Painting can also be the final part of a project where the final detail defines the project.